Vice Tryouts 2019

It’s officially tryout season!

Our tryout dates are:

OPEN: Saturday, May 4th
OPEN: Sunday, May 5th
OPEN: Wednesday, May 15th
INVITE: Sunday, May 19th
INVITE: Saturday-Sunday, June 1-2 (TOURNAMENT)

If you are interested (and we hope you are!) please fill out the tryout form:


We are excited to play with you this season!


Your captains,


KP and Molly


Introducing…Vice 2018!

Alicia Collins Pineapple
Amanda “Tuna” Giles Pineapple
Anna “Blaze” Blasiak
Anya Moradian Pineapple
Caitlin “Bug” Whited
Caley Dickinson Pineapple
Carly Morrison Pineapple
Claire Dutton
Colette Pellegrini Pineapple
Fiona “Socks” Chung Pineapple
Katy “KP” Peake Pineapple
Hannah Broos Pineapple
Izzi Tripp Pineapple
Jae Cruz Pineapple
Judith Garber
Judy Arnobit
Megan (Baller) Chen
Megan Macomber Pineapple
Michaela “McDuds” Dudley aviator-sunglasses-png-sunglasses-pvc-22
Michelle Tran Pineapple
Molly April Pineapple
Sheila Bashant
Tahlia “Chewy” Quartin aviator-sunglasses-png-sunglasses-pvc-22
Wendy Goldman
Rosa Vitiello Pineapple

Pineapple — rookie
aviator-sunglasses-png-sunglasses-pvc-22 — captain

Practice Players:
Katy Hickey
Hannah Calkins
Michaela Cushing Daniels Pineapple
Tara Sharp Pineapple
Theresa Cloutier Pineapple

Mike “Fergi” Ferguson

Vice 2018

Planning for Vice’s 2018 season is underway!

Before our season starts, there will be two Boston mixers open to the greater ultimate community:

  • Mixed Mixer: Saturday, April 28th, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM at Harrington Elementary in Lexington. Register here!
  • Women’s Mixer: Saturday, May 5th, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Magazine Beach in Cambridge.

Our tryout dates are:

Sunday, May 6th, 5:30pm–8pm: Open Tryout @ Arsenal Field in Watertown
Saturday, May 12th, 3:30pm–6pm: Open Tryout @ Danehy, Field 3 in Cambridge
Sunday, May 13th, 4pm–7pm: Open Tryout @ Dilboy Auxiliary in Somerville
June 2nd and 3rd: New York Warm Up! Invitation Only Tryout Tournament


We can definitively tell you that 2018 will include:

  • More Pineapples
  • More Competition
  • More Fun!

If you have any questions please contact

pexels-photo-139259 (1)

2017 Roster!

It’s not official until it’s internet official! After a month of tryouts, we’re happy to finally be announcing Vice’s 2017 roster!

Alison Hill Pineapple
Anna “Blaze” Blasiak
Anna Beddor Pineapple
Caitlin “Bug” Whited
Carla Fergusson aviator-sunglasses-png-sunglasses-pvc-22
Charis Crofton
Chelsea “Deuce” Mower aviator-sunglasses-png-sunglasses-pvc-22
Claire Dutton (Captain)
Emily “VM” Van Malden Pineapple
Jenna Murphy
Judith Garber aviator-sunglasses-png-sunglasses-pvc-22
Judy Leigh Arnobit
Katy Hickey (Captain)
Lauren Kraemer aviator-sunglasses-png-sunglasses-pvc-22
Mary Zhong Pineapple
Megan “Baller” Chen Pineapple
Melissa Stuart
Meredith “Stat” Bernstein
Michaela “McDuds” Dudley Pineapple
Sarah Hemphill Pineapple
Savannah Erwin
Sheila Bashant
Tahlia “Chewy” Quartin Pineapple
Wendy Goldman Pineapple


Pineapple – rookie
aviator-sunglasses-png-sunglasses-pvc-22 – returning after 1+ season


Practice Players:
Claire “Biz” Bartell
Fiona “Socks” Chung
Katharine Gilbert
Linnea Metcalf
Miriam Ledley


Mike “Fergi” Ferguson

Tryouts Announcement 2017

Vice is excited to announce our tryout dates! Vice is a women’s club ultimate team based out of Boston with a focus on commitment, growth, and fun. We placed 9th at regionals in 2016 and are hoping for even better 2017 season. If you are interested in playing for Vice please fill out the interest form below!

Tryout Dates and Locations:

April 30th, Sunday: 5:00-8:00pm @Danehy Park
May 6th, Saturday: 4:00-7:00pm @Madison Park High School, Upper Field 
75 Malcolm X Blvd, Boston, MA 02120
Take Orange Line to Ruggles and walk. Upper Field is the one surrounded by a track with stadium seats (bottom left football field.
May 13th, Saturday: 3:00-6:00pm @Danehy Park
May 14th, Sunday: 5:00-8:00pm @Danehy Park
June 3-4: NY Warm Up Tryout Tournament @Middletown, NY

**If you are unable to make it to any of the open tryouts please contact the captains directly at to schedule a tryout at another time**


After seeing such a strong and enthusiastic field of women at the Boston Women’s Combine, we are more excited than ever to see everyone at our own tryouts. We can’t wait to hit the field with you!