2017 Roster!

It’s not official until it’s internet official! After a month of tryouts, we’re happy to finally be announcing Vice’s 2017 roster!!

Alison Hill Pineapple
Anna “Blaze” Blasiak
Anna Beddor Pineapple
Caitlin “Bug” Whited
Carla Fergusson aviator-sunglasses-png-sunglasses-pvc-22
Charis Crofton
Chelsea “Deuce” Mower aviator-sunglasses-png-sunglasses-pvc-22
Claire Dutton (Captain)
Emily “VM” Van Malden Pineapple
Jenna Murphy
Judith Garber aviator-sunglasses-png-sunglasses-pvc-22
Judy Leigh Arnobit
Katy Hickey (Captain)
Lauren Kraemer aviator-sunglasses-png-sunglasses-pvc-22
Mary Zhong Pineapple
Megan “Baller” Chen Pineapple
Melissa Stuart
Meredith “Stat” Bernstein
Michaela “McDuds” Dudley Pineapple
Sarah Hemphill Pineapple
Savannah Erwin
Sheila Bashant
Tahlia “Chewy” Quartin Pineapple
Wendy Goldman Pineapple


Pineapple – rookie
aviator-sunglasses-png-sunglasses-pvc-22 – returning after 1+ season


Practice Players:
Claire “Biz” Bartell
Fiona “Socks” Chung
Katharine Gilbert
Linnea Metcalf
Miriam Ledley


Mike “Fergi” Ferguson
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Tryouts Announcement 2017

Vice is excited to announce our tryout dates! Vice is a women’s club ultimate team based out of Boston with a focus on commitment, growth, and fun. We placed 9th at regionals in 2016 and are hoping for even better 2017 season. If you are interested in playing for Vice please fill out the interest form below!

Tryout Dates and Locations:

April 30th, Sunday: 5:00-8:00pm @Danehy Park
May 6th, Saturday: 4:00-7:00pm @Madison Park High School, Upper Field 
75 Malcolm X Blvd, Boston, MA 02120
Take Orange Line to Ruggles and walk. Upper Field is the one surrounded by a track with stadium seats (bottom left football field.
May 13th, Saturday: 3:00-6:00pm @Danehy Park
May 14th, Sunday: 5:00-8:00pm @Danehy Park
June 3-4: NY Warm Up Tryout Tournament @Middletown, NY

**If you are unable to make it to any of the open tryouts please contact the captains directly at boston.vice.ultimate@gmail.com to schedule a tryout at another time**


After seeing such a strong and enthusiastic field of women at the Boston Women’s Combine, we are more excited than ever to see everyone at our own tryouts. We can’t wait to hit the field with you!


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2017 Season

The 2017 season is a off to a great start!

Claire Dutton and Katy Hickey have been named captains and Mike “Fergi” Ferguson will be the coach!

If you’re interested in playing with Vice please fill out our interest form.

Stay tuned for tryout details!

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Coach Wanted for 2017 Season!

VICE is looking for a coach for the 2017 club season. Interested in the position?

About Us

VICE’s roster this year will consist of women fairly new to the club scene, with the experience of a core of returners ranging from about 1-5 years of club. You’ll be working with a group of competitive women looking to improve and have fun. Given the level of experience, we’re looking for someone to provide direction and leadership as a coach.


Responsibilities for this position would include, but are not limited to: involvement in strategy discussion, planning practices, and determining line rotations in games. Your role would be to guide the team this season toward becoming a more cohesive unit and in important decision-making moments.


Ideal commitment would involve making it out to most practices (June – August, approximately 1 a week, ramping up to 2 per week prior to the weekend of a tournament), and tournaments (approximately 4 on top of Sectionals and Regionals).


We’re mainly looking for someone who is willing, able, and experienced to coach a receptive women’s team. Some history of coaching a women’s team and/or club experience would be ideal.

Still have questions?

Contact boston.vice.ultimate@gmail.com for more details.

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Coach Wanted for 2016!

VICE is looking for a coach for the 2016 club season. Interested in the gig? Read on!

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Vice Tryouts 2016!

Check out the tryouts page and sign up for tryouts below!

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2016 Season Here We Come

Announcing 2016 Captains:

Judy Arnobit


Arguably the most stylish captain of Vice in its 6 year history. After years of effort spent advocating for pineapples, this self-proclaimed (and unanimously agreed upon) beautiful person is finally ready to leave them where they are happiest (under the sea) and dedicate that time to captaining Vice instead.

Cici Wang


Cici contracted a bug in college, and the only cure for it was more Ultimate. She’ll occasionally suffer some withdrawal symptoms (uncontrollable facial muscle spasms, pictured above), but it’s nothing a bit of sun and disc won’t fix. Now she’s ready to spread the disease as a Vice captain. Please don’t bring bunnies to the field, though; they’re her kryptonite.

Emma (Gus) Preston


After spending the past year cultivating her captain skillz with the BU Lady Pilots, the baby of the team is ready to practice laying down the law with Vice. There’s a rumor that all our pump up speeches will be in song this year and that Gus will be arranging them. We can’t wait!

Hope you’re ready for the 2016 season, because JuCi G‘s gonna be bringing the beats and the (cutting) moves to the field.


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